About Us

Located - Kasubi Market, Along Hoima Road

GloTrans Financial Services Limited is a Christian Financial Institution (non-banking financial institution) situated in Kasubi a suburb of Kampala City (Uganda) and licensed by the Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority. The institution is strategically instituted to foster economic growth of her members and to foster the development of health micro-businesses.
At Glotrans Financial Services, we know that the best way to revitalize local economies is to support the entrepreneurial energy and skills that are in existence. That is why we work with a developing community of like-minded entrepreneurs, giving them the tools and skills they need to grow successful businesses.

Our Philosophy
As a Christian Financial Institution, our philosophy is to always remain faithful, creative and hardworking. We believe that success is achieved through a shared vision with our stakeholders. Our overriding goal is to make our clients succeed.
Scope of Operation
Glotrans Financial Services is monitored by the Bank of Uganda to advance credit facilities in the form of loans to borrowers and also accept funds in the form of Investments from Individuals, Organization/ Institutions.